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Hi! We're H+Q Productions

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We were formed in 2018 to produce the musical Here, Queer & Mentally Unclear, and our goal is not only to create brilliant and inspiring work, but also to educate the public through stories, song and empathetic engagement to improve society's understanding of marginalized identities. Our core team are all LGBTQIA+ and neuro-divergent, we have an emphasis on highlighting QTBIPOC stories, and we hold accessibility at the forefront of everything we do. 


Our work focuses on highlighting marginalized voices, and our practice is based in education through theatre, community building, and pushing artistic barriers while working collaboratively. By producing theatre in education workshops, and online resources, we work with an aim to directly impact and decrease the incidences of bullying, exclusion, and hate crimes in schools, businesses, hospitals, and society as a whole. 

Demystifying Identity - an online resource

Unravel the complexities of identity, including race, cultural identity, sexuality, and gender identity. Perfect for educational environments, equipping young people with the vocabulary and history to understand themselves and the world around them.


With Demystifying Identity students will learn...


The complexities of identity focusing on race, cultural identity, sexuality & gender identity.

Prejudice, discrimination, and the effect these have on mental well being.


How to be allies to the marginalised people in our lives.


“It’s value lies in its incredible sense of community and the electrical energy it sends throughout the room. Representing queer people is not something we can do too much of[…]”

Killian Glynn for The LGBTQ Arts Review

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