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Here, Queer, & Mentally Unclear

Here, Queer, & Mentally Unclear is the name of our debut musical: a semi-verbatim musical theatre piece that has been performed throughout the UK exploring the relationship between mental health and LGBTQ+ identity. It follows the stories of gripping, real members of the LGBTQ+ community through a mixture of intense and light-hearted songs, heart felt vulnerability, and its vivacious cast.


QUEER WEEK is a Queer Arts Festival celebrating, advocating and creating space for LGBTQIA+ artists and art. With five nights packed full of LGBTQIA+ stories, comedy, drag, music and theatre, QUEER WEEK educates and informs while providing a safe space for the queer community to come together. QUEER WEEK 2019 is now finished and was a massive success!


*Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic we currently have no plans to put on QUEER WEEK 2020, but watch this space for the future!*

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