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Here, Queer & Mentally Unclear - The Workshop

Here, Queer, & Mentally Unclear The Work

This theatre in education workshop uses characters, songs and interactive segments to educate on queer identity and mental health while engaging and captivating audiences through stories and songs. The Workshop explores the full LGBTQIA+ acronym, gender identity and sexual orientation, mental well-being, depression, anxiety, and active allyship.

The development of The Workshop was supported with funds from Arts Council England, and has been developed alongside mental health professionals and LGBTQIA+ educators to ensure accuracy, safety and best practice.  


Here, Queer & Mentally Unclear follows two characters, Jess and Eli as they navigate their gender identity and sexual orientation. The characters’ dialogue is composed of verbatim interviews of real LGBTQIA+ people and their experiences in schools, at home and in the world. Throughout The Workshop we refer back to Jess and Eli to give context and humanity to the material we teach. 

The Workshop shares necessary information that will lead to a better overall understanding of LGBTQIA+ people’s needs and experiences. Along with characters and songs, accompanying slides are available for learners accessibility.   

The Workshop runs for 50 minutes with a 10 minute Q&A session.

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We have two booking options: 

H+Q All Day - Delivery of three workshops over the course of one day for up to 300 students total. Includes posters, signposting and Queer Education Guide. Cost = £800

The Workshop - Delivery of one Workshop. Can be delivered to up to 100 students. Includes posters, signposting, and Queer Education Guide. Cost = £600

*If you have a need for a longer term delivery plan, or delivery across multiple schools our prices can be made to scale.


To ensure we are producing the best possible workshop for schools we include a short feedback form to be completed on sight or shortly after. The feedback form is not mandatory for students, although we do have it there as an option, however, we do ask for a minimum of two feedback forms to be completed by staff attending The Workshop

Our feedback forms from our in development performances have given us great insight into what really works about The Workshop, with 100 percent of LGBTQIA+ respondents stating that they believe it is important the young people have access to LGBTQIA+ education and 100 percent said they believed The Workshop is an important educational tool for schools. 

The following is a Student Testimonial written to us after our Pilot Performance. 


“It  was so good to have you at our college today, I am so proud of you both for coming and doing this for young people like me, as many are afraid and confused and feel out of place. Genuinely I feel like you’re making a difference”. - Student at Stroud College

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