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Meet the Team

Riley Reign

Riley Reign is an accomplished singer-songwriter and the lead artist on Here, Queer, & Mentally Unclear. As the writer for Here, Queer, & Mentally Unclear, and the founder of H+Q Productions, Riley has gone through incredible lengths to bring these fantastic stories to light and give a stage to amazing talent in the LGBTQ+ community. They’re excited to continue telling stories including their own and making music for your entertainment and education!

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Grey Noah

Grey Noah is a transgender singer/songwriter and actor. His recent credits include performing at The Wales Millennium Centre and working with Capital Extra’s Music Potential. Their voice and story have been a huge boon on both the production team and the stage, and he is one of our amazing workshop facilitators.

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Aïsha Kent

Aïsha is a “Drama Interventionist”. She is a queer woman of colour who is not only a performer and theatre maker but also a workshop facilitator and diversity campaigner. For 5 years she developed workshops concerning consent for the NHS and schools. In 2017 she went solo, teaching sexual communication for all ages. She is so excited to bring her skills to the H+Q Productions team!

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