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Welcome to Demystifying Identity - Part 1

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Welcome to Demystifying Identity - Part 1!


Welcome to H+Q Productions’ new online resource. We’re going to be exploring the ideas of gender identity and sexual orientation and what we can all do to become active allies to the LGBTQIA+ people in our lives. 

Part 1 takes about  20 minutes, and when you’ve finished we encourage you to take some time to reflect. You can watch it all at once, or click on the video that interests you the most.

Introduction to Identity

We’re going to begin by exploring identity in a general sense, before going on to elaborate on different aspects of this idea throughout this resource. Our team, Aïsha, Grey and Riley Reign are going to talk you through some of the basics of understanding identity and highlight some of the areas we’ll be covering. Enjoy!

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  • Each of us has a personal identity that is complex and multifaceted

  • Every unique identity deserves respect, regardless of difference

  • Our understanding of ourselves and our identity may change throughout our lifetime

Coming up! We will explore different aspects of our identities, how they may interact with each other, as well as what that might mean for an individual.

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Gender identity is how we define our gender, and there are a number of genders that an individual can identify with. 

Click play on the video to learn more!

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  • Gender identity is our personal sense of our own gender

  • Gender is diverse, and a number of gender identities have existed throughout time. Gender non-conforming and gender variant people have always existed, throughout history and in many cultures

  • Gender Identity is a social phenomenon, and our understanding of gender will be impacted by our social and cultural environment.

  • Terms like cisgender, transgender and non-binary can help us understand and express our gender identity.

  • Our understanding or description of our gender identity may change over time

Gender Identity

Pronouns are how we refer to someone in the third person.

Click the video to learn more!

Sexual Orientation
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Our sexual orientation is defined by if and how much we feel sexual desire, and who we find ourselves attracted to if we do feel sexual attraction. There is a wide range of sexual identities, and people discover their sexuality at different points in their life, and it may continue to evolve and change over time. 

Sexuality and gender identity are two different things, and having a certain gender identity does not affect what your sexuality is, and vice versa. 

Click play on the video to learn more!

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  • Sexual orientation is defined by if and how much attraction we feel and who we find ourselves attracted to. 

  • There are helpful terms we can use to talk about sexual orientation and identity.

  • The LGBTQIA+ acronym is a helpful tool and includes all gender and sexual identities that are not strictly heterosexual and/or cisgender. 

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Allies play an incredibly important role in being able to actually create change. They may have more power than the people they advocate for to be heard and to be present in situations where change is affected. There are simple and effective ways for us all to support the marginalized people we know, and indeed people we don’t know, in the outside world. You can be an ally to your friends, family members, co-workers, housemates - the list goes on! 

But how do you become an active ally? Grey, Riley Reign and A​ïsha are back to break it down.


Wrap Up

That has been Demystifying Identity - Part 1. This resource has been created with funding from Thrive LDN and Groundworks under the Right to Thrive Funding Scheme.


Thank you so much for participating in this learning experience with us, that’s all for now! If you are left with any remaining questions unanswered or would simply like to talk more about any of the topics we covered today, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our email address or on social media. We hope you learned some things you may not have known before, and if you found value in our work do share the link to our website with people or organisations you know that may benefit from this kind of education.

Wrap Up
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